UK Referendum – Why Brexit Will Be Good for Small Businesses

Here’s why Britexit from EU will be good for Small UK businesses

Pound and EuroRight now small businesses are fighting an uphill battle for business because they have to pay 20% business tax, however big businesses are using EU tax loopholes to get away with only paying 3% – 5% tax and that is totally unfair!

The BBC program on CRICKHOWELL; opened my eyes regarding the vast sums of money sent to off shore tax havens annually and how much the rest of us have to make up in lost taxes to pay for the schools, hospitals, and social care that should be paid by big businesses out of their profits.

What this inequality create is a world where mass production rules and individuality and creativity are stifled. You can see this down every high street where the number of independent shops can be counted one one hand.

A successful Britexit vote will allow the exchequer to close these euro tax loopholes. This may initially cause prices to rise, but quickly independent sellers with lower overheads will be able to set-up and thrive. This will in turn lower the high street prices.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think that having a free trade agreement with Europe would be beneficial for both the UK and Europe mainland, and that an agreement may take a while because of the euro bureaucracy. However as they will be just as keen to have a free trade agreement with us, this will come sooner than the nay-sayers suggest.

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